Meet our team

Meet the driving force behind Wolverine Assemblies: our dedicated team. Each member brings a unique set of skills and a shared commitment to excellence, propelling us forward in our mission. Below, you'll find the talented individuals organized by department, each playing a crucial role in our collective success.
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Olivia Rhye
Founder & CEO
Former co-founder of Opendoor. Early staff at Spotify and Clearbit.
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Phoenix Baker
Engineering Manager
Lead engineering teams at Figma, Pitch, and Protocol Labs.
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Lana Steiner
Product Manager
Former PM for Linear, Lambda School, and On Deck.
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Demi Wilkinson
Frontend Developer
Former frontend dev for Linear, Coinbase, and Postscript.
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Candice Wu
Backend Developer
Lead backend dev at Clearbit. Former Clearbit and Loom.
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Natali Craig
Product Designer
Founding design team at Figma. Former Pleo, Stripe, and Tile.
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Drew Cano
UX Researcher
Lead user research for Slack. Contractor for Netflix and Udacity.
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Orlando Diggs
Customer Success
Lead CX at Wealthsimple. Former PagerDuty and Sqreen.

What Our Team Members Say

At Wolverine Assemblies, the commitment of our workforce shines through the impressive anniversaries we celebrate regularly. Our team's dedication is underscored by the significant number of employees marking over a decade, and up to four, of contribution and growth with us each quarter.
Working at Wolverine Assemblies has been a transformative experience. The level of trust and autonomy I've been given has allowed me to push my boundaries and contribute to projects in meaningful ways.
Jenny Watson, Project Manager
The culture here at Wolverine Assemblies is truly one of a kind. The emphasis on continuous improvement and quality resonates through every department, creating a collaborative environment where everyone's input is valued. It's rewarding to see the direct impact of our work on the company's success.
Samantha, Quality Assurance Specialist
Being part of Wolverine Assemblies means being part of a family that strives for excellence. The company's commitment to safety and efficiency is evident in every process, making it a fulfilling place to work. The opportunities for personal and professional growth here are endless.
Miguel, Warehouse Supervisor