Our Purpose

Our purpose at Wolverine Assemblies is to redefine the landscape of 3PL logistics and manufacturing by embracing each challenge as a catalyst for learning and growth. We are committed to transforming quality issues into opportunities, ensuring our solutions are not only innovative and valuable but also reliable, cost-effective, and timely, in line with the highest standards of just-in-time deliveries.

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Our Mission

Wolverine Assemblies is dedicated to delivering superior warehouse and distribution services, specializing in electronics manufacturing, assembly, and comprehensive supply chain management solutions. We embrace diversity as a pivotal strength, fostering a cross-trained workforce that excels in quality, delivery, and cost competitiveness. Our mission prioritizes creating a safe, welcoming environment for our employees and community, empowering our team to achieve their fullest potential within a culture of excellence.

The values that drive everything we do

Our values are the compass that guides every aspect of our operations at Wolverine Assemblies. They shape our culture, influence our decisions, and define the way we engage with our partners and the community.

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Quality is the cornerstone in our relationships. We're committed to delivering excellence, investing in rigorous standards, and earning your trust for enduring partnerships.

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Innovation drives us. In the dynamic business landscape, we embrace new ideas and technologies, staying ahead by continuously seeking creative solutions to meet our partners' evolving needs.

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Ingenuity is at the core of our values, guiding us to conduct business with unparalleled transparency, integrity, and steadfast ethics.

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We believe that the most exceptional outcomes are achieved through collaboration. We foster a culture of teamwork, valuing diverse perspectives and open communication to collectively deliver superior results.

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Efficiency is our commitment to partners. We optimize processes, streamline logistics, and maximize resources to provide cost-effective solutions, delivering exceptional value.

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We're deeply committed to environmental responsibility and sustainablility. We actively seek eco-friendly practices to minimize our ecological footprint.

Our Location

Located in Wixom, Michigan.

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Birmingham, AL

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