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Wolverine Assemblies, LLC, provides value-added warehouse services, logistics, sequencing, light manufacturing assembly and more to a wide range of industries.

Wolverine currently has 200,000+ square feet dedicated to light assembly and/or warehousing. Our facility is prepared to meet the challenging best practices of the automotive environment.

Currently we are set up with infrastructure to meet OEM and Tier 1 automotive requirements, such as the necessity for using PLEX as our ERP system and the capabilities of EDI and ASN & other requirements currently mandated by  automotive and industrial OEM's.


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Wide Range of Industries

Wolverine Assemblies has a deep understanding of the processes and work flows for a wide range of industries. The company puts this expertise to work on behalf of customers to improve efficiencies and eliminate waste from warehouse, supply chain and manufacturing processes.



Wolverine Assemblies is part of an organization that is a global leader in providing a wide variety of innovative and reliable services to the automotive industry.



Wolverine Assemblies stands as a pivotal force in the agricultural sector, renowned for pioneering solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity.



At Wolverine Assemblies we deliver cutting-edge services designed to optimize performance while adhering to stringent time, quality and budgetary guidelines in the energy sector.

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Great quality service delivered on time

Partnering with Wolverine Assemblies has been a game-changer for our operations. Their innovative solutions and commitment to excellence have significantly enhanced our supply chain efficiency. They are an integral part of our success story.

John Carter 
New York, NY
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Unbeatable assembly expertise

Wolverine Assemblies stands out as a beacon of reliability and innovation in our network of partners. Their dedication to quality and timely execution has consistently exceeded our expectations, making every project a success."

Sophie Moore 
San Francisco, CA
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Reliable, precise, and trusted by many

Our collaboration with Wolverine Assemblies has been nothing short of transformative. Their expertise in logistics and proactive approach to problem-solving have driven substantial improvements in our service delivery. We value their partnership immensely.

Matt Cannon 
Miami, FL
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